Legends Never [DIE] - "ONE OF US!"

“Heroes are remembered, but legends never die.”

Legends Never [DIE] is a WvW guild based on Fort Aspenwood. We’re a competitive community of players who enjoy all facets of Guild Wars 2. Much of the WvW community knows who we are primarily due to our prominence on Sanctum of Rall.

[DIE] originated from one of the original Fort Aspenwood WvW guilds under the name Vincere Est Totum [VeT]; a PvX guild with a heavy focus on WvW. As time went on, we wanted to pursue a more rewarding WvW experience, so we merged with an up-and-coming WvW/GvG guild Strident Iconoclast [SIC] lead by Ser Craig & Brother Alaric. After a month or so, the [VeT] mergers split from [SIC] to transfer to Sanctum of Rall under the tag “Legends Never [DIE]”; lead by Brutus Esaghus, Ser Craig, and Haematic.

Sanctum of Rall was where we left our mark as a guild in this game, and those memories are some of the best we’ve had. Due to Tier 1 server politics and the popularity of WvW Season 1, our guild was unable to successfully raid, with members locked behind 2-hour queues – so we transferred to Ehmry Bay for our “crusade”. 3 months later we disbanded due to conflicting interests, and Haematic took the guild for one last run on Sea of Sorrows. Sea of Sorrows came to be our resting place – after 6 months of fighting hard and giving it our best, we finally decided to disband and go our separate ways.

Now we’ve come full-circle, returning to our roots on Fort Aspenwood to represent a new and better version of ourselves in WvW.